Daniel Stilling/2015/52 min/Environmental Advocacy

CHICAGO PREMIERE. FILM DESCRIPTION: Natureplay features the most endangered species in the wild today - our children, and devises ways to save humanity's connection to nature in the next generation. Filmed in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and the USA, Natureplay portrays the Scandinavian method of teaching, living and enjoying nature, juxtaposed with the high stakes testing/high stress Edu culture of "rigor." The film has won seven international awards, including one for Cinematography and a Global Humanitarian Award. Featuring Matt Damon.

Sunday, March 12, 1-3:15 p.m. [South]
St. James Church, 2907 S. Wabash, Chicago
(will screen with Chicago's True Nature)

Please stay for post-film discussions with Douglas Stotz, Senior Conservation Ecologist at the Field Museum's Keller Science Action Center, who will address themes of both our local "great forests" in our Forest Preserves as well as the themes of our global great forests.

*Not recommended for young children.