Montel the Turtle

miles and jaXon toppen

Each Young Filmmakers Contest winner receives a matching gift to donate to an organization supporting the theme of their film.

In 2017, Jaxon and Miles Toppen made a film about two sea turtles rescued from polluted waters off the Florida Keys. On behalf of One Earth Film Festival, they adopted Montel with their matching gift. He lives and thrives at The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida, where he will remain permanently.

Here we offer quarterly updates on our new adoptee, Montel.

May 2017

"Hey! My name is Montel and I love squid! Lettuce is alright, but I really like squid the best. I've been here at the Turtle Hospital since April of 2001. I was tangled in some monofilament fishing line near Avalon Park and a shark bit me because I couldn't get away fast enough. Then these tumors started growing on me. Then when I was floating on the surface, minding my own business, feeling kind of sad, a boat hit me! I have only one eye and half a front flipper left, but I don't let that get me down! I'm also skilled at sneaking up behind unsuspecting caregivers and biting them when they go snorkeling in the pool!"