Thank you at Closing event.

Thanks for your interest in Earth Day Week Mini Film Fest!

To volunteer for Earth Day Week Mini Film Fest, sign up here. Spread the word to others who might want to join you and volunteer.

Volunteer Training. Please prepare for your role.

Questions? Contact ana@oneearthfilmfest.org.

Festival Background for Volunteers

We invite you to take some time and get to know the festival by browsing our website. Volunteers play key leadership and support roles in the planning and execution of the film festival. We have a team of highly skilled, experienced professional people who work as volunteers for the film fest, which also makes it a great place for lesser experienced volunteers to gain experience and learn new skills.

Benefits of Volunteering

In addition to getting to work with an amazing, energetic group of people on an important project promoting understanding and action to build resilient sustainable communities, all volunteers will:

Two volunteers.
  • see amazing films

  • engage with the community and meet new people

  • get a One Earth Film Festival organic cotton t-shirt

  • receive an invitation to the volunteer celebration in April 2019

Hosting and Events Phase of the Film Fest - mid February through mid March:

Sign-up to volunteer for film events during the film festival through signupgenius.com. The system will be open for signing up in early February. Check back for specific locations, times and roles. Tasks

  • Conduct registration

  • Welcome audience; answer questions and direct attendees

  • Help with set-up and re-set tasks

  • Setup and manage projection equipment

  • Take photos or video footage at film showings for our Facebook page

  • Live-tweet the event and post to Facebook and other social media to amplify engagement

  • Help people recycle, compost and dispose of trash to support "zero waste" goal

Planning and Preparation Phase of the Film Fest - October through March

Volunteer teams and roles:

Film Review Team
Research and review potential films for the fest. View films and complete film report cards. Participate in the team dialogue process to identify top priority films that meet the criteria of the festival.

Film Programming Team
Use input from the film review team and dialogue with cluster leads and information from film fest archives to identify skilled facilitators, potential resource persons and action partners appropriate to each film and geographic cluster.

Fund-Raising Team
Work with the development coordinator helping to plan and carryout tasks including grant proposal-writing, solicitation of corporate and individual donors, delivery of sponsor benefits, and communication with donors, assist with fund-raising events.

Audience Development Team (Marketing & Publicity)
Identify audience segments and what films/topics might be of greatest interest to them, determine effective outreach vehicles for various audiences, write press releases, conduct social media campaigns, attend events through which to reach audiences.

Cluster Partnerships & Logistics
Determine which partners from previous years will work with the fest again, engage new partners as needed, evaluate venues and AV needs and work with partners to select appropriate venues. In dialogue with film programming team members, plan for and contact resource persons and action partners. Work with community partners to fill volunteer roles if possible.

Team Development & Support
Invite volunteers from general sources to fill slots not filled by cluster teams. Support communication and coordination among teams. Help match volunteer needs with skills and interests of available volunteers.

To get started as a One Earth Film Fest volunteer, please sign up for volunteer slots here. For questions, please contact Michelle at volunteer@oneearthfilmfest.o

Thank you to our 2019 Volunteers!

Planning Team

Dick Alton
Gloria Araya
Jim Babcock
Ruth Babock
Warren Bakker
Tracie Bedell
Sydney Bitar
Dennis Bonner
Linda Bonner
Amy Brinkman
Susan Camberis
Estelle Carol
Laurie Casey
Samantha Casey
Marilyn Catinella
Sue Crothers
Adrian De La Cruz
Laura Derks
Jim Dickert
Doug Dixon
Johnny Figel
Lisa Biehle Files
Monica Fox
Seva Gandhi
Ana Garcia Doyle
Bill Gee
Anne Gelman
Carly Grant
Suzanne Giacotto

Vince Gomez
Geoff Greer
Christi Harber
Madeleine Horejs
Garen Hudson
Tania Hughes
Abha Kapila
Nancy Ketchmark
Amy Lardner
Val Lester
Susan Lucci
Jennifer Maiotti
Erik Malone
Caroline Marinoff
Carolyn McCormick
Stephanie McCray
Ann McElhatton
Peggy McGrath
Julie Moller
Donna Morris
Jen Nelson
Maia Nelson
Kerry Obrist
John Owens
Alice Paipa-Lenard
Michelle Perkins
Patti Quilling
Diana Ramirez
Carly Reil

Gina Lee Robbins
Mac Robinet
Natalia Rodriguez
Justin Rosenberg
Emily Sabo
Kiera Sandusky
Elizabeth Schult
Cheryl Scott
Amber Shumard
Rebecca Simon
Vanessa Stokes
Sally Stovall
Mila Tellez
Stephanie Teresi
Mary Toranzo
Ryland Tunney
Erin Turney
Whitney Vandenbrink Parsons
Briana Villarrubia
Al Walker
Melanie Weiss
Cassandra West
Willard Williamson
Jodi Wine
Rebecca Woodley
May Yen
Feibi Yuan
Chelsea Zhao

Fest Week Volunteers

Richard Albright
Nataly Alvillar
Daniela Arteaga
David Avram
Meredith Banda
Amy Bartucci
Mavis Bates
Sarah Batka
Jessie Beck
Pamela Bergdall
Lori Berko
Sydney Bitar
Caleb Bohus
Emilee Brackenbury
Ulysses Michael Bufano
Laura Burt-Nicholas
Julie Cahillane
Kathryn Calkins
Koda Calma
Molly Cantrell-Kraig
Darcy Carter
Susan Charrette
Maureen Chen
George Chipala
Kenai Class
Kristel Clayville
Spencer Coates
Thomas Costanza
Brittany Cripps
Jose Cruz
Mark Delisi
Tari Delisi
Chelsea Denault
Marian Diaz
Doug Dixon
Susan Dombro
Judy Dooley
Jim Doyle
Simon Doyle
Celia Doyle
Chimare Eaglin
Bea Echeverria
Fr John Edmunds
Tracey Edsey
Pat Eichenold
Carla Ellis
Lazar Esho
David Farmilant
Marirose Ferrara
Emily Files
Adrian Fisher
Carol Flaig

Kathy Franke
Linda Gajenski
Lisa Gerhold
Claudia Greene
Adrianne Gregory
Damon Griffin
Mahesh Gurung
Jamie Hall
Rebekah Hamilton
Mike Hanes
Aaron Hart
Cody Hilliard
Becky Hoag
Mike Hoag
David Husemoller
Kayla Jackson
Colleen Kerrigan
Dominique King
Janel King
Bill Koehl
Linda Kok
Shalaka Kollerkandy
Susan Kram-Kumler
Thavary Krouch
Mary Kruse
Portia Latalladi
June Lee
Josh Leftwich
LuAnne Lewandowski
Cate Linden
Jennifer Lucas
Nancy Mabbott
Ashley Marinko
Kathy Marinko
Jose Alex Marroquin
Nyomi Martin
Fr Richard Matthew
Dayna Matusek
Louise McCurry
Catherine McDonough
Trish McKinnor
Maura McMahon Zeller
Margaret Meiser
Mike Mieszala
Natalie Neris
Patrice Nerone
Cathy Nichin
William Ojeda
Boluwatife Ojetunde
Cersandra Oliver

Gina Orlando
Gary Ossewaarde
John Owens
Jen Packheiser
Kimika Padilla
Whitney Vandenbrink Parsons
Maria Pascarella
John Perrecone
Ben Phillips
Dwight Powell
Cami Provencher
Louise Przywara
Jose Quevedo
Peggy Rademaker
Emily Ralph
Mary Fran Riley
Elvia Rodriguez Ochoa
Myrna Romo
Ciaran Rooney
Gwenn Sammons
Diana Sanborn
Richard Schlattmann
Mary Schmidt
Celeste Sherer
Mike Shippits
Rebecca Simon
Sarah Smith
Jeff Spitz
Connie Spreen
Laura Stamp
Vanessa Stokes
Jody Strohm
Laura Tharsen
Doinita Mary Toranzo
Aly Trunzo
Taylor Vann
Eco-Justice Volunteers
Go Green Barrington Volunteers St Joe Green Team Volunteers Waukegan Library Volunteers Chris Weber
Diana Wence
Alex White
Josh White
Kimberly White
Mattie Wilson
Alyson Wright
Kevin Wright
Liz Ziehl
Marisa Zulaski

Young Filmmakers Jury

Felice Bassuk
Amy Brinkman
Laurie Casey
Lisa Daleiden-Brugman
Kelly Doss
Monica Fox
Bill Gee
Kathryn Hempel

Richard Laurent
Jennifer Maiotti
Jonathan Moeller
Jim Rohn
Risé Sanders Weir
Annie Speicher
Angela Taylor
Lauren Travers Wall

David Arthur Wall
Matt Wechsler
Karen Weigert
Cassandra West
Angelo Williams
Caroline Ziv