Chicago skyline
Hands holding chicken eggs with chicken in the background.
People discussing a film.
Girl riding a bike in the bike lane.
Woman talking with hand gestures.
Sparrow on vertical tree trunk.
One Earth Film Festival has become a leader in bringing citizens, filmmakers, and local advocacy groups together in community . . . in order to bring about concrete and measurable change. As such, the City of Chicago is pleased to express its continued support and to partner with the Festival once again.
— Sandra Henry, Office of the Mayor, Chicago
This [One Earth Film Festival] really makes you re-evaluate the way you live your life.
The film was engaging and educational, but the real treat was the discussion afterwards.
[OEFF] is a wonderful program. I especially like the way it incorporates multiple neighborhoods, offering more people the opportunity to become informed on these issues.
I think [these are] some of the biggest issues that face our neighborhoods today and how we might be able to get more marginalized communities or folks who aren’t ‘the choir’ to come out.