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We believe the actions of each individual impact our planet. With that in mind, learn more about the people who bring you the 2019 One Earth Film Festival.

Portraits by Katy Bergholz Photography

Ana Garcia-Doyle

Ana Garcia-Doyle
One earth film festival director and founding member
GREEn community connections board member
Films and programs lead

Ana likes to be future-facing. She believes there is no time like the present to focus on the future of our planet and of generations to come. Ana has also spent more than 20 years in digital publishing and marketing, is active in running a zero waste schools initiative in her town, is a green homeowner together with her husband, and is proud mama to 3 sharp, sweet little greenies.

Sally Stovall

sally stovall
Green Community connections co-founder
One Earth Film Fest founding member
lake county cluster lead
film review and fundraising

Sally is learning and gradually making changes to become more sustainable at home -- composting, edible and native gardening, conserving water and energy. She also volunteers with PlanItGreen, Green Guides and Wild Ones at the community level, and works with Citizens Climate Lobby toward climate action at the national level.

Cassandra west
one earth film fest founding member
public relations lead
film review, programs, and photography


The springboard for Cassandra’s environmental awareness was getting involved with a community garden. From there she dove into learning about other vital topics: soil, water and energy. Cassandra helped start the Oak Park Area Edible Gardening Cooperative. While composting and recycling are good places to start, she’s committed to continuing her environmental education.  

Cassandra West

Jodi Rosen Wine

Jodi wine
Green Community Connections Board Member
north side cluster lead
research, Film review, and fundraising

Jodi is an avid proponent of composting, at home and as chair of the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition's "We Compost!" program. She is a strong believer that only by building public will for protecting our environment will we create the political will necessary to implement effective environmental policy.  As Gregory Mankiw said so eloquently in the film Before The Flood, "Politicians, [even if] we call them elected leaders, are really elected followers. They do what the people want them to do. Once the people are convinced, the politicians will fall in line.”

erin turney
audio visual Coordinator

Erin strives to make conscious efforts towards a sustainable life. She rides her bike year-round, cooks her own meals, and purchases fewer items that contain plastic, styrofoam, and other non-compostables.

Erin Turney

Diana Ramirez

Diana Ramirez

After graduating from Roosevelt University, where she double-majored in sustainability studies and sociology, Diana conducted a collaborative research project with The Field Museum and the Chicago Park District about the importance of urban green space accessibility as an environmental justice issue. She also worked as steward of Roosevelt's rooftop gardens for the summer and fall seasons of 2017, where she was successful in planting the first ever milkweed on campus! She is currently looking into grad programs to help further her passions for environmental and social justice into a career path.

Jen Nelson

Jen nelson
cluster team support lead

For work, Jen helps schools, institutions, communities and others improve recycling and compost food scraps. Taking her work home with her, Jen and her family recycle, compost, use reusable water bottles and lunch boxes, decline straws at restaurants and try their hardest to not use single use plastic. She is inspired by her two kids and all of the other zero waste ambassadors out there. Together we can change tomorrow.

Caroline Marinoff


Caroline is a passionate bicyclist and tries to use the car as little as possible. She moved to Oak Park from Europe and loves to connect with people and projects. For the last 15 years Caroline worked for public and non-profit organizations. Caroline and her family are very outdoorsy and only go inside to watch a great documentary. 

Carolyn McCormick

Carolyn McCormick
fundraising lead
development Manager

Carolyn loves finding ways to reduce grass and incorporate natives and edible plants in her garden. She buys local and second-hand whenever possible, is just starting out with composting and is trying to drive less and walk and bike more.

Vincent Barcelo Gomez

Vincent Barcelo Gomez
green community connections board member

Vince is fascinated by the power of plants and nature to promote positive improvements in the physical and emotional well-being of individuals who engage in horticultural activities and environmental stewardship. He is a passionate horticulturalist who enjoys volunteering his time in community gardens and supporting the organizing work of community based organizations fighting for social and environmental justice. Trained as a Horticultural Therapist, he is currently pursuing professional registration with the American Horticultural Therapy Association.

Lisa Biehle Files

lisa Biehle files
young filmmakers contest lead
digital media Associate

Lisa uses corn meal gluten and beneficial nematodes on her lawn instead of conventional pesticides. She also shares a compost bin with her neighbors and is beginning to experiment with native plants. For the first time, she planted a raised-bed vegetable garden, which her family appreciated at dinner time.

Doris Davenport

doris davenport
chicago west side cluster lead

Doris’ grandparents (cattle farmers) taught her to respect the land. While caring for her Aunt, diagnosed with lung cancer, the poor quality of available food became undeniable, so she began exploring with juicing and organics. Doris began advocating for the cleanup of brownfields over two decades ago and currently volunteers with the Oak Park Climate Action Committee, educating and creating opportunities for clean air, clean jobs and clean energy, like community solar. Her 6 lb, 6-yr old teacup Havanese is the inspiration behind her support of pesticide-free lawn care and the responsible care of our soil by industry and government.

Laura Derks

Laura Derks
Programming and Film Review

Stepping outside is a sure way to reset Laura’s mindset.  Since she was a young child, Laura has spent as much time as possible exploring nature-- from the Hill Country in Texas to the Rockies to the Cook County Forest Preserves. As a Treekeeper through Openlands and a leader of Flybird Experience, she leads other volunteers and groups outdoors. Stating that a good day is one that is spent outside of a car fueled by fossils, Laura bikes, walks, and public transports almost everywhere. Encouraged by the large majority of Americans who are concerned about Climate Change, Laura recognizes the critical role an excellent film can play in sparking action on reducing greenhouse gases. 

Sue Crothers Gee

Sue crothers gee
one earth film fest founding member
young Filmmakers contest founding director
Film Review and facilitator

Sue has been thinking about her impact on the environment since her early twenties and she has dedicated herself to environmental efforts. Together with her husband, Sue built one of the first sustainably designed homes in Illinois. She is a founding member of the River Forest Sustainability Committee and PlanItGreen and is committed to supporting our local food shed as an investor with SLoFig (Sustainable Local Financial Investment Group). Sue is also an advocate for chemical usage reduction and together with her Sustainability Committee team members, introduced Keep ON the Grass, a program to reduce lawn chemicals in River Forest.

Marilyn Catinella
Downtown Cluster Lead

Marilyn is inspired by the possibility of positive change.  For her part, she recycles at home, collects rainwater and composts.  She is in the process of developing her backyard garden – loves a community farmers market and does all she can to purchase locally.  An equal advocate for social justice Marilyn recognizes the value of a healthy community both environmentally and socially and believes in supporting the arts as a catalyst for change.

Marilyn Catinella

Laurie Casey

Laurie casey
Marketing Lead
Marketing Manager

The thing you really need to know about Laurie is that when her daughters asked her for a pet hamster, she responded with, "Well, how about chickens?" And along with April and Jackie, her family also invited into their yard Virginia bluebells, a sunny peach tree, calico asters, two young oak trees (for the next generation) and flocks of gold finches who come for the coneflower seeds. Laurie is on the One Earth marketing team, responding to your Facebook comments and writing "blurbs." Lots and lots of blurbs.

Briana VillarRubia
Marketing Coordinator

Briana has a passion for learning about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. This has brought her to volunteer with organizations that support land and water sustainability to protect the earth for future generations. Her professional skills in sales, marketing and editorial support her goal to educate and connect people around important issues. She studies herbal medicine and loves the idea of using plants for healing and cooking. At home her husband, son and dog enjoy being stewards of the Earth with her, and together they camp, hike, bike, garden, compost, and recycle.

Briana Villarrubia

Estelle Carol

one earth film fest founding member

Estelle lends her artful graphic design and website development skills to a number of environmental organizations, among them Green Community Connections, One Earth Film Festival and Deep Roots Project. She herself is an avid organic gardener. Her oversize rain barrels are automated to water an extensive variety of home-grown vegetables including kale, chard, green beans, zucchini, beets, cucumbers and tomatoes. Her elaborate composting system is a model for other home gardeners.

jim babcock
one earth film fest founding member
Green community connections board member
dupage county cluster lead
Film Review and fundraising

Jim is learning about the many advantages of community solar and, with the OP/RF PlanItGreen Team, is working to bring clean, renewable energy for 100% of our electricity. With the Environmental team at his church, First United Church of Oak Park, he collaborates with many other local congregations to carry out sustainable practices for energy conservation, waste reduction, flood control, pesticide-free native gardens, and healthy food for all. Jim is an active advocate at the state and village levels of government for legislation and policies that will restore and protect the Earth's natural systems, especially the climate system.

Jim Babcock

Gloria Araya


One of Gloria's goals is to have a zero-waste home. She avoids consuming any produce that comes in plastic containers. She even brings her own glass containers to the supermarket to avoid packaging, something that has caused staring at times. One of her cherished activities is to grow her own herbs, fruits and veggies, a three year "spiritual endeavor" that has changed her life forever. Gloria was able to introduce recycling to her building and implement chemical-free lawn and garden maintenance as well. Composting is next. 

Dick Alton

dick alton
green community connections co-founder
one earth film fest founding member
green community connections board member
south side CLUSTER LEAD

Dick has a long history with building resilient, sustainable communities around the world from Kenya to Belgium. Recently, he has been involved in installing geothermal and solar at his congregation and is co-chair of the Oak Park and River Forest Interfaith Green Network. For the past two years, he has expanded the One Earth Film Festival on the Southside of Chicago. Before the Fest, Dick worked with the Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network.