Another Way of Living: The Story of Reston, VA

Rebekah Wingert-Jabi/2015/69 min/Architecture

CHICAGO-AREA PREMIERE. FILM DESCRIPTION: What are the conditions in which nature, community and social equity, can flourish? As communities across Chicago – and America –  try to answer this question, this film provides a blueprint. Another Way of Living explores the vision of Robert Simon (1914-2015). While 1950s suburban sprawl fostered individualism and homogeneity, Simon dreamed of another way: one that valued community, nature, and social equity. He set out to build a town that integrated citizens across racial, economic, and religious divides. The result? Reston, Virginia. Despite early challenges, the town became an international sensation, and inspires us even to this day.

Wednesday, March 7, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. [W Suburbs]
Oak Park Public Library, Veterans Room, 834 Lake St., Oak Park

In many ways, like Reston, Virginia, Oak Park is held up as a model of livability and diversity. How did the Village accomplish that, and what work still needs to be done? Engage in a discussion about livable cities with architects Tom Bassett-Dilley, Owner and Certified Passive House Consultant at Tom Bassett-Dilley Architect, Ltd.; Rob Breymaier, Executive Director of the Oak Park Regional Housing Center; and Ernest Wong, Founder of Site Design Group. Plus visit with Swati Saxena of Baird and Warner, a vegan and healthy lifestyle advocate; Gina Milkovich, Outreach Coordinator and Local Cultivator at the Sugar Beet Food Co-op; Athena Williams, Austin Ascending Director, Oak Park Regional Housing Center; and Oboi Reed, President and CEO, Equiticity. Facilitator: Doug Dixon, Neighbor at OUR Community.

Doors open 30 minutes before start time. Arrive early to avoid lines and get best seats. ADA compliant accessible venue.