Youth Unstoppable

Youth Unstoppable

Slater Jewell-Kemker/2018/86 min/Climate

Saturday, March 2, 10 a.m. [North]
Pickwick Theatre, Park Ridge
Admission $8

Wed., March 6, 6 p.m. [W Suburbs]
Oak Park Public Library, Oak Park

CHICAGO-AREA PREMIERE. FILM DESCRIPTION: “Youth Unstoppable: My Decade in the Youth Climate Movement” (formerly “An Inconvenient Youth”) captures the vibrant untold story of the global youth climate movement. Decisions made today are shaping the world they will live in, and they are no longer willing to sit idly as the planet is degraded for the short term gain of the older generations. Director Slater Jewell-Kemker has been interviewing celebrities and politicians about the environment since the age of ten, now she is telling the stories of these remarkable young people on the front lines of climate change. This is the story of the youth of today fighting for their planet, their future.