Dirt Rich

Marcelina Cravat & Eric Katsuleres/ 2018/86 min/Conservation

FILM DESCRIPTION: “Dirt Rich” shifts the focus from greenhouse gas emissions to carbon drawdown, a viable solution for reversing the effects of runaway global warming in a timely manner. In “Dirt Rich,”  Marcelina Cravat  (“Angel Azul”) and Eric Katsuleres shine a light on geo-therapy strategies. Through regenerative agricultural practices, reforestation of abandoned land,  protection/restoration of carbon rich wetlands and keystone species, “Dirt Rich” illustrates how implementing these strategies will return our atmosphere to safe levels of carbon while growing soil, our most precious resource.  

Film Director  Marcelina Cravat .

Film Director Marcelina Cravat.

Wednesday, March 6, 6:30 to 9 p.m. [Lake County]
College of Lake County, 19351 W. Washington St.,
Auditorium A011, A-wing, Grayslake

After the film, participate in Q&A, and learn about concrete action opportunities, with: Marcy Cravat, Director for "Dirt Rich;" Jason Funk, Climate Scientist, Principal & Founder at Land Use & Climate Knowledge Initiative. Facilitator: David Husemoller, College of Lake County. Also engage with action and project ideas through a Resource Fair, featuring Sierra Club, College of Lake County Sustainability, and others.

Doors open 30 minutes before start time. Arrive early to avoid lines and get best seats. ADA compliant accessible venue.