It's a Wrap! One Earth Film Fest Records Highest Attendance Ever

One Earth Film Fest Records Highest Attendance Ever.

By Laurie Casey

One Earth Film Fest 2019 by the numbers:

  • A record 6,200 people attended a One Earth Film Festival event during our 2019 season.

  • We showed 28 films at 67 events, plus 3 fun Festival parties…plus 12 short, student films at the Young Filmmakers Contest Awards, Opening Launch, and other venues.

  • 23 One Earth screenings were hosted at a grade school, high school or university, meaning we reached out to more young people than ever before.

  • The Young Filmmakers Contest received a record number 157 submissions from all over the country.

  • 19 filmmakers and film subjects appeared at the Festival either in person or via live video.

These numbers are wonderful…. And behind every one of them are stories of people learning, connecting, acting. Like this little girl, who after seeing “An American Ascent” at the Austin Branch of the Chicago Public Library, announced to the room: “I want to climb a mountain!”

Other highlights from early data we’ve collected:

“ ‘The World Before Your Feet’ was an absolutely spectacular film, and will continue to inspire me to walk more and be present wherever I am.” -- Miles C. Chicago

“I enjoyed the films and information presented about the Boundary Waters. I realized that it is still my problem even though I do not live in Minnesota. It is my duty to save the planet and that includes everyone on it.” --Amanda L., Grayslake

“The One Earth Film Festival is a well-organized environmental adventure. I love seeing the collaboration and hard work in action. Great people for a great cause!” --Amy B., Park Ridge

“The chilly walk in the woods before ‘Call of the Forest’ was informative, the film was exquisite, and the conversation afterward was exceptional. An all-around enriching experience.” --Lisa F., Oak Park

“We always look forward to the One Earth Film Festival as a source of information and inspiration. There's no easier way to avail ourselves of such a fine selection of provocative films. Thank you!!!” --Marianne K., Westchester

“I was encouraged to see how many people actually care about what's happening and are willing to help do something about it.” --Karen D., Barrington

Check out some of our favorite photos from the Fest.

Did you miss a film? We’ve gathered information about where and how to find them so you can stream them on your laptop or cuddle up on your sofa in front of your TV. One of the best things about our model is that you can engage with your community and learn about action opportunities. If you want the full experience, come to our Earth Day Week Mini Film Festival.