Bikes, Beer and Veggie Buffet at Patagonia Chicago

Gertjan Hulster and Arne Gielen, directors of “Why We Cycle.”

Gertjan Hulster and Arne Gielen, directors of “Why We Cycle.”

By Laurie Casey

Sip New Belgium beer and enjoy local bites as you connect with local cycling and active transit partners at “Why We Cycle.” Then hustle over to Timothy O’Tooles for an After Party -- and no worries, the beer is on the house, courtesy of New Belgium Brewing Company.

There are more bicycles than people in the Netherlands, but the Dutch don’t seem to notice what a special bike culture they have. Going beyond the obvious health and economic benefits of cycling, “Why We Cycle” explores the egalitarian nature of cycling, as well as its less-obvious effects on a city’s planning and development, its residents, and society as a whole.     

Want to actually bike and not just talk about it? We’ll do an optional 5-mile ride from Logan Square Park to Patagonia’s Magnificent Mile Store before the screening. There, enjoy a reception featuring a Mediterranean (vegetarian/vegan friendly) hors d'oeuvres buffet, New Belgium beer, and wine.

After the film, directors Gertjan Hulster and Arne Gielen will share their story and answer your questions. Seamus Ford, Root Riot Urban Garden Network and longtime bicycle commuter and advocate, will facilitate the discussion.

Plus, engage with hands-on action and project ideas through Jon Lind, JC Lind Bicycles; Devon Snyder, Working Bikes (who’ll be bringing a cool bike machine); and Ben Tolles and Jeff Stubler, Active Transportation Alliance.

It doesn’t end there! Meet up for an after party at Timothy O’Tooles featuring free Fat Tire drafts and Dayblazer cans, courtesy of New Belgium Brewing.

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